A Journey to Engagement

In 2020 we are going to see about 8000 baby boomers retire each week. This departure will have a significant impact on the Canadian workplace. Our research shows the number one concern facing employers heading into this year is human capital. Employers are now faced with the challenge of attracting a diverse group of employees. For the first time in the history of Canada, we have five generations in the workplace, and for some people in the workplace, they will work with seven different generations during their careers. Whether you are trying to engage employees, volunteers or increase donations a one size fits all will not work in the future. In this fast-paced presentation, audience members will travel through a journey to help them understand the trends that are driving engagement changes in the workplace. Participants will see the impact of the ageing population and reason’s why people join, stay and leave their employers. This presentation, filled with Ah-Ha moments, will help both leaders and front-line staff become more engaged at work.

Attendees will discover:

  • The trends in the Canadian job market that are driving change.
  • What the impact will be of 8000 Canadians retiring each week.
  • The reason why people join, stay and leave their employers.
  • How to communicate and work with five generations.
  • How to engage people both inside and outside of work.
  • The impact of technology on everything from productivity to philanthropy.
  • The steps to increase engagement.

Bring About What You Think About

Based on Eddie’s best-selling book of the same name, this presentation is life-changing and
always a hit with audience members. The one thing that is constant both at work and in people’s
personal lives today is change. Participants are guided through a path to help them understand
how changing the way they think can have a profound impact on their future. They will discover
the three simple steps to make lasting change in their lives and how giving and gratitude can
help them achieve their goals.

Key topics

  • The one phrase that can change your future.
  • The importance of having the right attitude to achieve your goals.
  • The three steps to changing your future.The reasons why people don’t achieve their goals.
  • The importance of giving and gratitude to accelerate positive change in your life.
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