Everyday Resiliency Through Optimal Stress, Personal Alignment and Purpose: How to Show Up and Make it Work for You

This keynote introduces the concept of resiliency from a broad worldview that incorporates five key areas. Sharing from Robyne’s experiences traveling around the globe, Robyne reviews what people have in common that contributes to resiliency, and what we can do in our own lives to foster resiliency within others and ourselves. Robyne’s talk highlights practical strategies and ideas grounded in optimal stress, value alignment, practical focus and the importance of continued goal setting. Using narrative pedagogy, Robyne’s talk shares candid encounters with resiliency that are research informed and readily available to all of us.

Keynote Embedded Active Learning Suite of Offerings:

Embedded within the keynote, and positioned by the pedagogy of active learning, Robyne can lead the participants through guided exercises. As time permits, one or more can be selected. Exercises usually take 5-10 minutes and require participants to have paper and writing utensils or a writing device.

  1. Values & Triggers: Optimizing how to perform and produce with competing demands and priorities.
  2. How the 5% meet their goals: Using SMART-O formula and battle boards.
  3. Healthy Habits: How to make common sense into common practice.
  4. How Micro Moments Create Leaders: Building trust and having difficult conversations
  5. Priority Management: Personal and professional alignment: How to make what matters most, matter most.

Learning Outcome:

Participants in the keynote will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful and applied ways of knowing that are based on research informed practices of resiliency and resourcefulness. There will be elements of structured reflection and dialoguing.

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