Learning to Grow

In this new world of work, inspiring and enabling workers to develop their strengths is imperative for sustainability. Research proves that outdated methods no longer work in today’s modern workplace as they fail to:

  • Effectively engage employees
  • Help employees to remember information
  • Ensure that learning is transferred into work practice
  • Provide the right benchmarks for making proactive decisions that affect business objectives

Progressive learning and development is a very timely and topical subject and critical to improving the low innovation scores that New Brunswick has experienced over the years.

Participants will learn why learning and development isn’t working and understand the need for change. I will be sharing knowledge about how they can:

  • do more than deliver information but influence lasting, transformational change
  • positively impact employee performance and development and therefore, the company’s bottom line
  • implement proven principles and tactics that make corporate learning more useful and valuable
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