Stop collecting Talent: How to Find A-Players

Building a team is more complicated than collecting talent! When smart leaders surround themselves with the right players, something magical happens. But…throw together the wrong people, it will cost you. Hiring the wrong people and having a high turnover rate can get quite expensive. Despite what some companies claim, there’s no single personality screen that can snare the right A-player every time. So, what can you do to attract the right employees? Hint: You’re not going to find A-players with just a standard interview, a resume and using job boards.

What’s important about these techniques is that they uncover what really drives a person. And, in turn, what qualities make you perform better. To find the team that’s going to help make you great, you’ve got to figure that out first. Talent in its own right is useless. Where do you go to find fantastic people for your company? You know you need them, you want to hire them, but you seem to end up with the same lackluster talent. Is there any hope?

Well, my friend, yes there is hope! We’ll talk about how to find the “rock star” employees who can take your company to the next level. I want to help you attract the right employees, no matter the state of the economy. To be able to do that, you have to know where to look and how to attract phenomenal performers to your organization.

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